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15 Meditation Benefits you Never want to hide

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Before Understanding the Benefits of Meditation let's understand what does meditation actually means...

Meditation: Meditation is a tool through which you can discover ourselves. It increases our confidence and increases our internal power's. Basically Meditation is Discovery of yourself inside you.

Psychological Benefits of Meditation...

  1. Meditation Reduces the stress and makes our mind peaceful.

  2. Meditation increases our power of concentration which helps us to be more focused and concentrated about things.

  3. Through meditation we can overcome from the habit of overthinking and stop thinking about the unnecessary things comes to our mind.

  4. Meditation increases the power of understanding and makes a person understand and discover things more creatively.

  5. According to the 2015 study of UCLA the long term meditators has healthier brain then non meditators. Regular meditation makes our brain far more consistent.

  6. Meditation can also change the physical shape of the brain. According to the 2011 study of general Psychiatric research, meditation changes the two specific structure of the brain. The Hippocampus and Amygdala. Hippocampus: Hippocampus is a tiny structure located in the temporal lobe of our Brain. This plays a major role in memory and learning. After 8 short weeks of meditation research found that participants had large, thicker Hippocampus which means faster learning and much more efficient memory. Amygdala: Amygdala is the emotional center of our brain know for its almond like shape. The Amygdala processes the fundamental emotions like Fear and Anxiety but the same 2011 study fund that meditation reduces that negativity, it shrinks the area in the amygdala related to stress and other damaging emotions.

  7. Meditation encourages to live in the moment to focus on the present and spend less time worrying about our past or future. The same 2011 study of general Psychiatric research found that meditation significantly improve the mood. participants felt happier overall.

  8. Meditation is not just a mental process, If we practice meditation on a regular bases it can reduce our both Physical and Mental pain.

  9. According to the 2008 study in the annals of behavioral medicines, many people who meditate experience small boost in their mood. Meditation is one of the most reliable ways to increase well being and quality life.

  10. Meditation helps us to find happiness in the world around us. Meditation helps us to discover new perspective and find joy in small unexpected evets and learn to appreciate every thing that life has to offer.

  11. Meditation Increases the feeling of gratitude about the things and the special peoples in our life like our parents, friends etc. This feeling of gratitude makes us feel full filled and sufficient about what ever we have.

Health Benefits of Meditation...

  1. Meditation reduces our stress level which helps us to keep Blood pressure in check and Inturn bene fit the heart. Mladen Golubic, MD, PHD, a Physician at the center for lifestyle Management at the cleveland clinic in lyndhurst, oho, point to research, publish in American Journal of Hypertension, that Trenscendental Meditation may have the potential to reduce blood pressure for those patients also who are on two or three medications and have difficulty to control Blood Pressure.

  2. According to the Meta-analysis published in March 2014 in the JAMA Internal medicine, The mindful meditation program over an 8 weeks period may hep ease symptoms of depression and anxiety.

  3. Meditation can improve the sleep of a person because it reduces the depression and anxiety of a person through which he/she will be able to have a comfortable and stress free sleep. According to the National sleep Foundation, Meditation has even been shown to reduce the use of sleeping pills.

  4. According to the study published in march 2016 in the journal of the American Medical Association found that the mindful based stress reduction therapy helped to improve symptoms in adult with chronic Lower Back Pain.

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