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Drugs Addiction and it's effect on our body...

Updated: Jan 31

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Drugs Addiction..

Drugs are the most addictive and harmful substance consumed in a very large quantity all around the world.The Drugs are mostly consumed by the youth of the world. they get easily attracted towards these things but there is also a large number of people between the age of 30 to 40 who are drug addicts.these are illegal drugs and are of many different types some of them are cocaine,LSD,heroin,STC pill etc. In this article we are going to discuss some of the points on Drugs Like:-

  1. Why Drugs are so much addictive?

  2. Effects of Drugs...

  • Social Aspect

  • Health Aspect

Why Drugs are so much Addictive?

The reason behind addiction of Drug is the feeling of pleasure which a person get after taking drugs.let's understand this is more clearly,In our brain there is a chemical called dopamine which is released generally when a person do such things which he/she likes to do.for example eating his or her favourite food, having sex etc then this chemical called dopamine is released and travel throughout the the body with the help of neurotransmitters. The release of dopamine makes us fell good and gives us a feeling of pleasure which makes us to do these things again and again. substance like cocaine,LSD,Heron and other addictive drugs are the jackpot of dopamine because these things produce more dopamine then any other activity. The person become addictive to the pleasure caused by the dopamine after having drugs and the person stars taking more and more drugs for the pleasure and become Drug Addict.

Effects Of Drugs...

Drugs can harm the person at the body level as well as social level also,Let's see how....

Social Aspect

Drugs is a social stigma, It can make a very large impact on a persons life. It can Affect the sustainable developments goals of that person. It also creates an impact on the social development of the person through many social disadvantages which includes low education attainment,increased difficulty in finding and remain in employment, financial instability and poverty. moreover the impact of harmful drugs use can extend beyond individual to affect the health and well-being of others including their families, neighbourhoods and the community at large, in a similar manner to how parental,family and neighbourhood influences impact harmful patterns of drug use and dependence.

Health Aspect

There is a strong association between Drugs disorder and psychiatric commodities and there are common risk factors that contributes to both mental health disorder and drugs use disorder. So let's see what type of adverse health consequences can be seen in drugs use disorder including mental health which can harm our body:-

  • Drugs addiction can leads to short as well as long term changes in the brain which can leads to serious mental health issues, which including Depression, Anxiety, Hallucination, Bipolar Disorder and many other problems.

  • Drug addicted person can also have other health problems apart from mental health. The continues use of Drugs can increase the of developing cancer, specially the lungs cancer. It can leads to disease of heart like Cardiac Arrest and stroke. Drugs can also leads to infectious disease such as HIV and Hepatitic C and premature death.

  • The effect caused due to drugs in our body can be find with the help of Blood test because Drugs can be detected in Blood.

So the reason behind to write this article is to aware the people that how drugs can destroy your life. So do to take Drugs in any condition whether it is friends pressure or for mood change.

Thank You...

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