Indian Stock Market Timing

In the Indian Stock Market, two major Stock exchanges are there namely BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE (National Stock Exchange).To perform the regular activities of buying, selling and holding the shears in Indian Stock Market you need to be aware of the Indian Stock Market Timing.

You can buy, sell or invest in shares from any part of the country because the Stock Market Timing in India is the same all over the country.

So, Let's get to know about the Indian Stock Market Timing...

Trading in Indian Stock Market takes place 5 days in a weak from Monday to Friday and it is closed during the weekends Saturday and Sunday and also as per the national Holidays. As per the normal Stock Market Timing, the market opens at 9:15 AM. before that there will be a pre-opening session of 15 min and the Stock Market closing time in India is 3:30 PM. after that there will be a closing session and Post-closing session till 4 PM.

Basically, the Indian Stock Market Timing is divided into three main sessions Pre-opening session, Normal Trading Session and Post-closing Session.

Pre-Opening Session

In the Indian Stock Market, there will be a pre-opening session before the Normal trading session to set up the volatility and volume of traders. the timing of the pre-opening session is from 9:00 AM to 9:15 AM. the pre-opening session is used for discovering the price of a Normal trading session with the help of Multilateral order matching system.

The pre-opening session of the stock market is divided into three slots:-

From 9:00 AM to 9:08 AM

This slot of the pre-opening session is known as the order entry period. In this slot of Indian Stock Market timing you can place the orders for buying and selling of shears. You can also perform the modification in the orders as well as you can cancel it also. this slot can be closed between 9:07 AM to 9:08 AM.

From 9:08 AM to 9:12 AM

In this slot of the pre-opening session, the process of matching the order and figuring the opening price of the Normal trading session takes place.

In this slot of the pre-opening session, you can not modify or cancel the buy or sell orders.

From 9:12 AM to 9:15 AM

This slot is known as the Buffer period. In this slot the transition of the pre-opening session into the normal trading session has been done smoothly. In this slot of the pre-opening session, you can not place, modify or cancel any orders.

Normal Trading Session

The Normal Trading Session is the main or primary Indian Stock Market Timing which starts from 9:15 AM up to 3:30 PM where actual trading takes place. The Normal Trading Session is also known as the continuous trading session. during this trading period, you can place an order to buy or sell stocks. you can also modify or cancel your order freely without any limitation.

In the Normal Trading Session, the Bilateral Matching system has been followed. which means the price at which more and more buy and sell orders has been matched then automatically the transection get done.

As per the study report of IIM Ahmedabad despite being the pre-opening session it should take up to 25-30min to set up the volatility and volume of traders at the starting of Normal Trading Session. That is why you have to trade thoughtfully in the few minutes of the normal trading session.

Closing Session

The Closing Session of Share Market starts at 3:30 PM after the closing of the Normal Trading Session and runs up to 4:00 PM.

The Closing Session of the Indian Stock Market determines the Stock Market Closing Time in India. the closing session can be divided into two parts.

From 3:30 PM to 3:40 PM

After 3:30 PM the closing of the Normal trading Session the timing of 10min is for the calculation of closing price which is up to 3:40 PM.

When the Normal Trading Session is closed then the price of the share is not the closing price. the closing price of any share is the weighted average of the price of the last 30min of the normal trading session. which means from 3:00 PM to 3:30 PM. this weighted average of the prices has been calculated in between this 10min from 3:30 PM to 3:40 PM. usually the closing price has been found in just 2 to 3 minutes.

From 3:40 PM to 4:00 PM

After the calculation of the closing price, there will be a post-closing session. which is from 3:40 PM to 4:00 PM. In this session, if you buy or sell any share you will get it at the closing price of the Normal Trading Session.

After Market Order (AMO)

Sometimes you can not match up to the Indian Stock Market Timing for these kinds of situations you can take the advantage of AMO which means After Market Order. In AMO you can place an order after the closing of Share Market till the opening.

During this time actual trading does not happen you can only place the buy or sell order for the next trading session.

Muhurat Trading

Indian Stock Market has a special trading session which is known as Muhurat Trading Session.In the Muhurat trading, Session Indian Stock Market gets open for the only 1hr on Diwali. The timing of the Muhurat trading session has been decided before 2-3 days of Diwali. usually the Muhurat trading session is declared during the evening.

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