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Smoking Is Injurious to Health-#1 Intoxication

Updated: Feb 1


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Today we are going to describe Intoxication that how Intoxication can affect the Personal,Professional and mental life of a person?

Intoxication:-Know How Smoking,Alcohol and Drugs can destroy the personal,professional and mental life of a person?

Firstly Let's talk about what does Intoxication mean...?

Intoxication is a term used when we have to describe any sort of change in our behaviour, mood and thinking process because of any other thing then the particular situation is called as Intoxication. The person experiencing the particular situation of Intoxication is called as intoxicated person and the Hindi meaning of Intoxication is "नशा"

The term Intoxication can be use in many different way's for various kinds of situation but in this article we are going to describe the Intoxication of Smoking,Alcohol and the most dangerous thing drugs that how these things can destroy the personal, professional and mental life of a person who is addicted to these things.

Firstly Let's start with Smoking...


The addiction of smoking is seen most in between the age group of 18 to 30 years means the

youth of our country is badly affected from smoking. According to the survey of Aviss Foundation every third person in between the age group of 15 to 50 is addicted to smoking. The addiction of smoking is very harmful for our health and it can lead to various health issues. The cigarette smoking is even more addictive then the addiction of Alcohol. Cigarette smoking is harmful because it contain tobacco. Tobacco is consumed in many way's but cigarette smoking is the most common way all around the world to consume tobacco. WHO has estimated that tobacco use (smoking and smokeless) is currently responsible for the death of about six million people across the world each year with many of these deaths occurring prematurely.

Why Smoking is Harmful...?

Social Aspect...

  • Generally teens and adult's starts smoking because they find this thing glamorous and they also get influenced by the movie actors for smoking.

  • Some adults start smoking to get relief from stress and get concentrate in their work but smoking do not makes your mind concentrated it makes you addicted to it and when a person tries to stop smoking he or she start's felling irritated and anxious which directly affect the brain of that person.

  • The other reason for a person mostly teen's to start smoking is the encouragement of his friends to start smoking but during this point of time the nonsmoker who is encouraged by his/her friends to start smoking needs to understand That these are not his/her real or a good friends because good friends never encourage his friend to do such things which may destroy his/her life. but generally some people starts smoking due to the encouragement of friends.

Chemical Aspect....

After some time smoking which people start's by taking it very lightly become addictive and they become chain smokers.the reason why people get addicted to smoking is the presence of the chemical named nicotine in tobacco. When a particular person takes in the smoke the nicotine which is present inside it get into our blood streams and quickly travels to the brain and releases the chemical called dopamine which gives a feeling of pleasure and remove all the unpleasant feeling's of that particular person but due to the continues release of dopamine the person get addicted to that pleasure and when he/she tries to stop smoking or to get rid of his/her smoking habit he/she started feeling irritated and anxious which directly affect the brain and reflect on the behaviour of the person and some time it leads to depression also which makes it tough for a person to overcome this habit but if a person has strong desire to overcome from this habit he/she can definitely overcome from this addiction.

How Smoking affect the Health..?

Smoking is Injurious to health and it can also leads to serious health issues. Smoking can cause Cancer,Heart Problem, Stroke,Lung Disease, Diabetes etc. because of smoking people also lost the the ability to smell and taste. smoking can also decrease the average life spam of a person. apart from this a smoker also increases the economical burden to his family because the medical treatment of the disease caused due to smoking is very expensive and it is tough for a normal middle class family to bear that much expensive medical treatment So do not start smoking because of any reason because it is very injurious to health and including you it can also affect your family and if you are a smoker do not encourage your friends to start smoking other then that you yourself try to get rid of this addiction.

Thank you...

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